Action to be taken after power failure/ blackout on board?

Emergency generator starts automatically, provided that its voltage and frequency settles, then ACB turns on, and starts to supply electricity to the following essential machinery:

  1. Steering gear system;
  2. Emergency lighting system;
  3. Radio equipment;
  4. Navigational instruments;
  5. Engine monitoring console and M/E control system.

The Master shall take command on the Bridge and he take necessary measures as discussed  below:

  1. The steering gear is supplied with Electricity and vessel on Manual steering; 
  2. Gyro compass is supplied with Electricity and is in good operating condition, then check and note the difference between Gyro heading and Magnetic heading;
  3. Fix ships position successively ,check drift and prepare to anchor if possible
  4. Confirm power supply for each navigational instrument and check their operating condition.

Chief Engineer, on confirming power supply from the emergency generator is secured, he take necessary measures  as discuss below: