Action in case of fire in Port during Cargo Operations Or Bunker Operations.

  1. Raise the alarm.
  2. Inform port authorities.
  3. Inform the Master.
  4. Cease cargo or bunker operations & Caste off bunker barge that is alongside.
  5. Non essential persons to be sent ashore.
  6. One man standby at the gangway with cargo plan, fire wallet, international shore connection to act as a guide for shore fire party.
  7. Muster all crew- head count. Fire party briefed.
  8. Proceed to scene off fire and investigate.
  9. Shut down all ventilation.
  10. Start emergency fire p/p. Try to fight the fire by conventional means.
  11. Maintain boundary cooling at all times.
  12. After fire brigade comes-
    • Hand over fire wallet.
    • Co-ordinate closely and assist as required.
    • Constant check on stability at all times. If cargo space fire- close and batten down hatches.
    • If accommodation fire then isolate all electrical circuits.