Action in case of Engine Room fire at sea

  1. Raise the alarm.
  2. Inform the master
  3. Reduce the vessels speed & Engage manual steering.Display NUC ( NOT UNDER COMMAND)  lights,Weather reports, open communication with other vessels in the vicinity and send urgency signal.
  4. Close all ventilation, fire and watertight doors.
  5. Muster all crew- take a head count. Emergency fire p/p running.
  6. Isolate all electrical units. Commence boundary cooling.
  7. Fight fire by conventional means.
  8. Main fire party to be properly equipped. Back up party ready at all times.
  9. C/O not to enter as he monitors progress and communication with the bridge. Proper communication between bridge and engine room. Keep bridge informed accordingly of sequence of events. 
  10. At all times fire fighters to be well equipped with breathing apparatus and fireman suit. Checks on apparatus must be carried out prior to entering space.