Action in case of Cargo Space fire at Sea

  1. Raise alarm.
  2. Inform master.
  3. Reduce speed.
  4. If fire is forward then bring wind to the quarter and if fire is aft then bring wind to aft.
  5. Muster all crew- head count. Fire party briefed.
  6. Proceed to scene off fire and investigate.
  7. Shut down all ventilation.
  8. Start emergency fire p/p. Try to fight the fire by conventional means.
  9. Maintain boundary cooling at all times.
  10. Refer to the cargo plan with regard to the type of cargo on fire and if any dangers associated with it.
  11. Commence boundary cooling and check adjacent compartment for additional fire risk.
  12. Consider ballasting the adjacent tanks after calculation of GM of the vessel.
  13. Inject fixed CO2.
  14. Investigate port of refuge facility and inform port authorities.