What is Port Contacts?

For the ship in port

Notification of local agencies, combating teams or clean-up companies will speed up response. If an oil spill occurs during the ship’s stay in port, whether operational or as a result of an incident, the Master should inform the appropriate local agencies (e.g. National Response Centre, Terminal/ Port Authorities etc.) without undue delay.

If the ship is engaged in a regular service between ports/ terminals the Master or any other person aboard delegated by the Master should provide a list with the relevant Port Contact addresses for each port served regularly of Authorities/ persons and/ or terminals dealing with an oil spill. This list must be regularly updated.

The “Port Contact List” is shown in the App. 3.

If a change in the ship’s range of trade or a change in the addresses of persons/ Authorities of the ports/ terminals served regularly takes place the Master or any other person aboard delegated by the Master is required to issue a new list.
Where ship’s service makes it not feasible to prepare such a list the Master should seek guidance concerning such local Port Contacts and local reporting procedures upon arrival in port.
Addresses obtained in this way should be documented aboard in the form that the Master considers most effective and should be attached to the Plan.