What are the maintenance of the face mask of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)?

Maintenance on facemask:

The mask must be cleaned after every use. Do not use any organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol etc.Clean the mask with a cloth and lukewarm water mixed with all-purpose detergent. Rinse thoroughly under running water.


Disinfect mask after every use. Place mask in disinfectant bath. Only use approved disinfectants. Excessive disinfectant concentrations and over-long disinfecting times can damage the mask. Rinse thoroughly under running water.


Leave to dry in air. Maximum temperature 60°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.


The mask must be tested every time it has been used, repaired or serviced as per manufacturers instructions.

Visual inspection of the speech diaphragm:

The speech diaphragm and O-ring must be clean and undamaged. If not, clean or replace.


Visual inspection of inhalation valve:

The inhalation valve is visible in the mask connector. Check by blowing into it that both wings of the valve disc move freely. Replace if seized.


Visual inspection of exhalation valve:

Remove the protective cap from the connector. Press one arm of the spring clamp inwards and remove the clamp. Hold valve disc by the nipple and lift out of guide. The valve disc and seat must be clean and undamaged. Clean or replace if necessary. Moisten valve disc with water and refit. When the seat is horizontal, the valve disc must slide into the guide under its own weight. Fit spring clamp and spring so that both clamp arms engage at the sides. The clamp is marked “L”= left and “R” right and fits at an angle.