What is the purpose of Cargo Securing Manual ?

  • To provide guidance to the Master and Crew on board the vessel with respect to the proper stowage and securing of cargo units.
  • Arrangements and Cargo Securing Devices provided on board the ship for the correct application to and the securing of cargo units.

Requirements of cargo securing manual :

Required in accordance with the 1994  Amendments to the International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea,  1974(SOLAS) VI/5,6 and VII/5,6.

  • The Information and Requirements set forth in this manual are consistent with the requirements of the :
  • Vessel’s Trim and Stability Booklet
  • International Load Line Certificate(1966)
  • Hull Strength Loading Manual (if provided)
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods
  • (IMDG) Code


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