What is meaning of Planning of Recovery of person from water as per SOLAS ?


The circumstances you find when you arrive at the scene will differ from incident to incident; but general planning can, and should, be done.

In planning how best to bring people aboard your ship, you should consider:

  • Who will be required for the recovery process?
  • Who will manage the ship in the meantime?
  • What can be done to help people prior to recovery?
  • The means of recovery available to you;
  • Where on the ship the survivors should be taken after recovery;
  • How they will be looked after once they are aboard; and
  • How you will keep your own crew and passengers informed of what’s going on.

Effective recovery of survivors will only occur through planning and preparation:

  • Have a plan;
  • Make sure everyone understands the plan and their own place in it;
  • Be prepared; and
  • Have everyone ready, with all the equipment they need, before commencing the recovery operation.

You may not have much time to think about details when the emergency happens; but if you have thought about your capabilities beforehand and you have trained to use them effectively. In short, if you are prepared. You will not need much time.

Remember that plans are of no use unless you know how to put them into effect. This requires training, and the testing of both plans and training by exercise.


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