What does ship particular include or what information we get from ship’s particular ?

Ship’s particulars


  • Ship’s name,
  • Distinctive number or letters,
  • year of build

Gross tonnage and other information

  • Gross tonnage,
  • Deadweight
  • Displacement (at summer draught)

Principal dimensions and coefficients

  • Length overall,
  • Length between perpendiculars,
  • Breadth (moulded),
  • Depth (moulded),
  • Summer draught,
  • Normal ballast draught,
  • Hull coefficients at summer load and normal ballast condition
  • Extreme height of the ship’s structure above the keel

 Main engine

Type, number of units and power output


Type, number of units, diameter, pitch, direction of rotation, propeller immersion


Type, number of units, total rudder area, rudder area ratio (full load and normal ballast)

Bow and stern thrusters

Type, number of units, capacities and location

Bow and stern profiles

Forward and after blind zones with dimensions specified (full load and normal ballast)

Other hull particulars

Projected areas of longitudinal and lateral above-water profiles (full load and normal ballast)

Length of parallel middle body for berthing (full load and normal ballast).


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