What are Safety and Operational precautions for loading a full cargo of crude oil into VLCC or oil tankers?

  1. Tend mooring.
  2. Tend the gangway and watchman, must be on duties.
  3. Calculate the rate of loading.
  4. Check fire wires are correctly rigged and ready to use.
  5. All watch men on duty must be check regularly for oil pollution.
  6. Ensure not hot work on board.
  7. See and act ship to shore check list.
  8. See all tank lids are closed and safe ventilation is being carried out.
  9. Ensure which oil loading into correct tank.
  10. Maintain state of list and trim as required.
  11. Enforce no smoking, regulations.
  12. Ensure red light B, flag is displayed.
  13. Permit, use of safe torches, only.
  14. No unauthorized persons on board.
  15. Make sure all company and port regulations are observed.
  16. Ship ready to move under own power.
  17. Check that inert gas system is ok.
  18. Manifold drip tray is positioned.
  19. All access to accommodation is closed.
  20. Ensure all deck scuppers plugged to prevent oil leaks overboard.
  21. See that the loading plan is observed and followed.
  22. All fire fighting equipment ready for immediate use


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