What are requirements for Fire Control Plan as per SOLAS ?


  1. There shall be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the master and officers of all ships over 20 metres in length, general arrangement plans showing clearly for each deck the position of the control station, the sections of the ship which are enclosed by fire resisting bulkheads, together with particulars of the fire alarms, fire detection systems, the sprinkler installations, fireman’s outfits, fire extinguishing appliances, the means of access to the various compartments and decks in the ship, the ventilating system including particulars of the master-fan controls, the position of dampers and identification numbers of the ventilating fans serving each section of the ship, the location of the international shore connection, and the position of all means of control referred to in rule 69
  2. The general arrangement plans required by this rule shall be kept up-to-date, any alteration being recorded therein without delay. 
  3. In all ships a duplicate set of fire control plans or booklet containing such plans shall be permanently stored in a prominently marked weather tight enclosure outside the deckhouse for the assistance of shore side fire fighting personnel. 


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