What are Precautions to be taken during Electric Arc Welding ?

  • In addition to the protective clothing specified earlier, the operator should also wear non-conducting safety footwear.
  • Clothing should be as dry as possible so as to provide some protection against electric shock.
  • It is particularly important that gloves should be as dry as wet leather is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Where persons other than the operator are likely to be exposed to harmful radiations or sparks , they should be protected by screens or other effective means.
  • In restricted spaces, where the operator maybe in close contact with the ships structure or is likely to make contact in the course of ordinary movements, protection should be provided by dry insulating mats or boards.
  • There are increased risks of electric shock to the operator if welding is done in hot or humid conditions; body sweat and damp clothing greatly reduce body resistance. Under such conditions, the operation should be deferred until such time that a adequate level of safety can be achieved.
  • In no circumstances should a welder work while standing in water or with any part of their body immersed.


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