What are precautions for loading cargo which may Liquefy ?

  1. Important section- All officers on board bulk cargo vessel must familiarise
  2. Cargoes includes : Concentrates, certain coals & other materials having similar properties as listed in Appendix “A” of code
  3. Concentrates :
    • heavy, dense cargo with very low SF
    • absorb moisture until all the concentrate is wet- Moisture Migration
    • flow state develops if liquid permeates sufficient amount of cargo
    • Liquefaction produce dense sludge cause free surface effect-affecting stability,structural damage
    • If list develops can cause negative GM & ship may be lost.
    • Trim cargo level- irrespective of Angle of Repose
    • Moisture Content not exceed the TML
    • Do not stow cargoes which contains liquid in space above or adjacent to it
    • Do not permit entry of liquid into cargo spaces
    • If necessary to cool cargo –use water spray
    • Specially constructed bulk carriers not so restricted by virtue of their structural arrangements – but must have evidence that it is suitable for the type of cargo carried.


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