What are functions of code of Safe Working Practice?

The measures required include:

  • Safe working places and environment
  • Safe plant ,machinery and equipment
  • Health and safety training, instruction, supervision and information
  • Protective clothing
  • A health and safety policy
  • Assesment of risks
  • Information for workers(risk assessment)
  • Health sureillance of workers
  • Appointment of a competent person to assist with the implementation of te regulations
  • Consulation with their workers or elected representatives on health and safety.
  • Duties of the company
  • “the company” in addition to its duties as an employer, is required to:
  • Provide information about tempory workers
  • Consult other employers onboard about the health and safety of workers
  • Co-ordinate health and safety measures between all the employers onboard
  • Provide information to workers about the ship safety system
  • Appoint a safety officer
  • Organise the election of safety representative and safety committee(where applicable)

You may also know importance:

The code is intended to give guidance as to how the statutory obligation should be fulfilled.

However, the guidance should never be regarded as superseding or amending regulations .


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