What are factors affects Secure Anchoring?

The following are factors for secure anchorage.
  1. Seabed

Your anchor must be able to penetrate the seabed and hold.Study the chart to choose the best anchor based on the type of bottom. The best holding ground consists of hard mud or clay.

  1. Wind, sea, and groundswell protection

The ideal anchorage provides wind and sea protection from at least three sides. In areas with steady winds, choose a cove protected from the dominant wind direction. In areas with shift ing winds, make sure you will be protected aft er the wind changes direction.

In the Caribbean, many anchorages are exposed to a constant  grounds well.  Make sure you leave an escape path open in case of a wind shift . For instance, with wind out of the northeast, you might choose a two-sided headland to the north. But if the forecast calls for a wind shift to the south, you must understand that the headland could become a dangerous lee shore.

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