Precaution /Checklist for navigation in ice

  • Have the Following Been Informed.
    1. Engineroom
    2. Crew
    3. Master
  • Have watertight doors been shut as appropriate.
  • Has speed been adjusted (momentum varies as the square of the ships speed) .
  • Have instructions been issued on the following matters.
    1. Transmitting danger messages in accordance with SOLAS 1974 chapter 5 regulation  2a.
    2. Monitoring ice advisory service broadcasts.
  • Check the frequency of sounding tanks and bilges increasing or not.
  • Master is required to make the report regarding the type , position and date /time of observation of ice.
  • Severe wind causing ice accumulation on deck with the position of ship and the GMT time must be reported.
  • Mariner handbook CHAPTER -7 , NUMERIOUS  ice pictures and description of different ice terms can be found there.
  • Monitoring Ice Advisory Service Broadcasts?
  • Have any local ice navigation regulations been followed like ice checklist?
  • Request for ice advisor confirmed from local agent/port/authority.