List of Enclosed Space on Ships ?

Following space mentioned below treated as enclosed space on ships :

  • Cargo spaces;
  • Double bottoms;
  • Fuel tanks;
  • Ballast tanks;
  • Cargo pump rooms;
  • Cargo compressor rooms;
  • Cofferdams;
  • Chain lockers;
  • Void spaces;
  • Duct keels;
  • Inter-barrier spaces;
  • Boilers;
  • Engine crankcases;
  • Engine scavenge air receivers;
  • CO2 rooms;
  • Battery lockers;
  • Sewage tanks; and
  • Adjacent connected spaces, e.g. cargo space access ways.


Any dangerous (enclosed) spaces on board ship should be identified using risk assessment and kept under review. It is recommended that an inventory is made of any enclosed spaces that seafarers may enter where there is any likelihood that they might become

dangerous. The inventory should record the characteristics of the space, the likely hazard and measures to prevent entry unless safety procedures are followed. Any difficulties inherent in rescue from the space should also be considered, and solutions identified, so that in the event of an emergency, the crew is in the best position to respond quickly. This inventory should be reviewed regularly.


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