Checklist for familiarization of ECDIS or electronic chart display and information system on ships ?

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Establish if the vessel is approved  to use ECDIS

for navigation.



Familiarize with  Company Navigational Procedures concerning the use of the equipment and ensure that these are followed.


1.3 Are there any passwords  needed for the management of the system and, if so, obtain the details from the Master.



Identify the primary ECDIS equipment and the facilities for back-up. If the back-up is a second ECDIS of a different type to that of the primary installation, then Sections 2 to 6 of this Familiarization checklist must be repeated for both systems.


V/L has only one ECDIS as a Primary Installation. N

Understand ship  procedures in event that the ECDIS and its back-up fail.


V/L has Ppaer Chart as back up to ECDIS. Y

Determine where the user manuals for ECDIS and its back- up are located – an electronic version of these may be available on each unit.



Determine where Base and Update CDs are stored on the ship (if appropriate).


With Master Y

Determine the procedures to obtain additional chart permits (if appropriate).



Determine and understand the position-fix systems that feed the ECDIS. Determine the method of switching between sources, such as primary and secondary position-fix systems.



Determine what other systems feed into the ECDIS, such as radar (acquired targets, Radar picture overlay), AIS, water speed logs, echo sounders, etc. For each, establish the reference framework, eg. ground-, water- or ship- stabilised (relative).

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