What is meaning of seaworthy ship/when a ship is called seaworthy?

A vessel is seaworthy if the vessel and all of its parts and equipment are reasonably fit for their intended purpose [and it is operated by a crew reasonably adequate and competent for the work assigned].legally defined, a seaworthy ship is one that is fit for any normal perils of the sea, including the fitness of the vessel itself as well as any equipment on it and the skills and health of its crew. 

Note that this only includes the perils of the sea, as opposed to the perils on the sea, and so does not include piracy, severe storms or other such hazards that may occasionally be encountered.

A number of other considerations have to be taken into account.
  • The destination of ship
  • class of ship,
  • place of departure and
  • even the type of cargo are all considerations.

For example, a ship that is seaworthy off the Atlantic Coast may not be seaworthy for a departure from Alaska.

Seaworthiness, is an important concept in Maritime Law, its effect is not limited to one area of the shipping industry it affects

  • Marine.
  • Marine Insurance
  • Marine Pollution,
  • Carriage of Goods by Sea,
  • Liability

This aspect of seaworthiness is not limited to the physical fitness of the vessel itself, i.e. that its body is clear of any damage or that its engine is functioning properly, but further extends to cover the vessel’s equipment, competency of the seamen, documentation and all other issues that might affect the fitness of the vessel and its efficiency to encounter the ordinary perils of the sea.

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