What is Buoyancy Requirements of Lifejacket as per SOLAS ?

  1. A lifejacket shall have sufficient buoyancy and stability in calm fresh water to,– 

(a) Lift the mouth of an exhausted or unconscious not less than 120 millimetres clear of the water with the body inclined backwards at an angle of not less than 20 degree and more than 50 degree from the vertical position ; and 

(b) Turn the body of an unconscious person in the water from any position to one where the mouth is clear of the water in not more than 5 seconds

  1. A lifejacket shall have buoyancy which is not reduced by more, than 5 per cent after 24 hours submersion in fresh water. 
  2. A lifejacket shall allow the person wearing it to swim a short distance and to board a survival craft. 

You may also know about other requirements of lifejacket :

  • It shall not sustain burning or continue melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of 2 seconds
  • After demonstration, a person can correctly done it within a period of 1 minute without assistance.
  • It is capable of being worn inside-out or is clearly capable of being worn in only one way and, as far as possible cannot be done incorrectly.
  • Metal fastening when used shall be of a size and strength consistent with the fastening tapes and of corrosion resistant materials.
  • It shall allow the Wearer to jump a vertical distance of 4.5 meters into the water without injury and without dislodging the lifejacket.


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