What is Antenna and its types?

General :-

An antenna is a conducting elements capable of radiating (Tx) and intercepting (Rx) Radio wave. The radiation and reception of radio waves is most effective when the antenna is in resonance.  Transmitter performance can be badly degraded by mismatch antenna.

Types of antennas:
MF/ HF Antennas :-

A 8-10 meter whip antenna may be effectively used in MF/HF band.

VHF Antennas :-

Vertical half wavelength dipole antenna used in VHF communication. This is a fiber glass whip antenna mounted vertically. A typical VHF antenna length 1.5 meters.

Satcom – C

Omni directional or circular antenna may be effectively used in satcom –C. The antenna element is about 10 cm long and is covered b y fiber glas protection.

Inmarsat Fleet 77 :-

Gyro stabilized highly directional antenna. The diameter for the antenna is approximately 75 to 90 cm.


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