What are requirements of embarkation ladder on ship as per SOLAS ?

  1. Embarkation ladders shall be provided in one length from the deck to the waterline in the lightest seagoing condition under unfavorable conditions of trim and with the ship listed not less than 200  either way
  2. Handholds shall be provided to ensure a safe passage from the deck to the head of the ladder and vice versa. 
  3. The steps of the ladder shall be  
    1. Made of hardwood free from knots or other irregularities smoothly machined and free from sharp edges and splinters or of suitable material of equivalent properties. 
    2. Provided with an efficient non-slip surface either by longitudinal grooving or by the application of an approved non-slip coating; 
    3. Not less than 480 millimeters long, 115 millimeter wide and 25 millimeters in depth, excluding any non-slip surface or coating ; 
    4. Equally spaced not less than 300 millimeters or more than 380 millimeters apart and secured in such a manner that they will remain horizontal. 
  4. The side ropes of the ladder shall consist of two uncovered manila ropes not less than 65 millimeters in circumference on each side.  Each tope shall be continuous with no joints below the top step.  Other materials may be used provided the dimensions breaking strain weathering, stretching and groping properties are at least equivalent to those of manila rope. All rope ends shall be secured to prevent unraveling. 


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