How Parallel Indexing is done on Radar?

Parallel Indexing

Using one ‘floated’ VRM/EBL, and one normal EBL, the screen can be set up for the equivalent of the professional set’s parallel index.

  • Set up one VRM/EBL with the course as the bearing and the required ‘distance off’ VRM.
  • Float it sideways so that the floated EBL sits on the target echo.
  • Set up the second VRM/EBL with the VRM at the required distance off the target echo.
  • Wheel the normal, un floated, VRM (which remains attached to the boat) along the floated EBL.
  • This will allow you to steer the boat along the parallel course, compensating for the tide and wind, passing the target at the required distance off.

Parallel Index

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