What is Fire Safety or Training Manual on ships and its contents ?

As per SOLAS Chapter II -2, Regulation 15 and 16

Fire Safety Training Manual is a document which prescribes content and schedule of preventive fire fighting measures aboard of the ship as well as fire fighting procedures and handling of fire fighting appliances by crew.

Fire Safety Operation Booklet provides for necessary information and instructions of safety operation of the ship in port and at sea. The Booklet is combined with above mentioned Manual and also elaborated in accordance with requirements of Safety Training Manual.

Contents of fire safety manual
  1. Introduction.
  2. Chapter I

Fire Safety Training Manual
2.1  Basic practice of fire safety and precautions concerning of smoking, using of electro power and flammable liquids etc.
2.2 Basic instruction for fire preventive actions and fire fighting procedures.
2.3 Meanings of general emergency alarm signals .
2.4 Operation and handling of fire fighting appliances.
2.5 Operation and handling of fire and smoke flaps. Ventilation of accommodation, Fire doors.
2.6 Means to escape.

  1. Chapter II

Fire Safety Operation Booklet
3.1 Foreword .
3.2 Preventive fire measures when in port.
3.3 Preventive fire measures when loading and discharging of cargo .
3.4 Preventive fire measures at sea.

Fire training manual includes:
  1. FIRE PREVENTION (Stopping fire from occurring)

Training Topics:

  • What is fire?
  • What are the possible causes of fire?
  • What needs to be done to prevent the possible causes of fire?
  • Actions to take to mitigate fires, inspection, hazard reporting,
  1. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND EVACUATION (What action to take in case fire occurs)

Training Topics:

  • How to prepare for a fire emergency.
  • Participation in fire drills.
  • Knowing evacuation procedures
  • Knowledge and maintenance of fire protections systems
  • Know how to use proper type of fire extinguisher

The purpose of the Emergency Evacuation Procedures is to establish minimum requirements that will provide a reasonable degree of life safety from fire and similar emergencies on ships. The Emergency Evacuation Procedures will be utilized to evacuate all occupants during a fire emergency.


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