What is Work Aloft Permit ? |

What is Work Aloft Permit ?

                         WORK ALOFT/OVERSIDE PERMIT

Vessel:                                                                          WORK PERMIT No:              








Does job require hot work?


Does job require electrical maintenance?


Does job require equipment isolation?


Y  /  N


Y  /  N



Y  /  N


Permit no. ____________


Permit no. ____________



Permit no. ____________

1 Bosun chair, stage, ropes etc checked and in order 10 Weather condition considered
2 Warning notices posted 11 Any change in course expected
3 Radars isolated 12 Communication verified
4 Antennas isolated 13 Life buoy & line ready*
5 Skill of worker verified 14 Ladder rigged aft of work area*
6 Whistle isolated 15 Deck supervisor appointed*
7 Duty Officer / Engineer informed 16 Lifeline attached
8 PPE worn 17 Port control informed*
9 All tools lashed by rope 18 Pollution preventive measures taken*

          *Applicable only when working overside  

Please note:
A tool box meeting, where the RISK ASSESSMENT is discussed, MUST precede the issuance of a WORK PERMIT
The Work Permit is only valid for a period of 12 hrs from issue.
If the job extends beyond 12 hrs, the permit shall be subsequently revalidated on a “DAY” and “NIGHT” basis.
A work permit thus revalidated may be extended up to a maximum of 7x 24 hrs.
Each permit is only valid for an individual job
Multiple jobs on the same equipment require their relevant permits to be filled out
“Do Not Operate” tags with respective Work Permit Numbers to be used to isolate the relevant equipment.
Permit Issuance


I confirm that I have understood the work instructions and risks involved. I am satisfied with the precautions and safety arrangements provided.


________________                      __________________

 DATE / TIME                                  PERMIT HOLDER


I am satisfied that all precautions have been taken and safety arrangements will be maintained for the duration of the work.


________________          _____________________

 DATE / TIME                           SENIOR OFFICER (sign/rank)

WORK PERMIT REVALIDATION:  (Permit Holder And Senior Officer To Countersign)

Permit Cancellation


I confirm that the work has been completed and that all the associated equipment, tools and materials have been withdrawn.


________________                 _______________

 DATE / TIME                           PERMIT HOLDER


The work has been completed, and all personnel under my supervision, materials, equipment and tools have been withdrawn. This permit is hereby cancelled

________________                 _______________________

 DATE / TIME                                   SENIOR OFFICER        



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