What are the regulation for Starting arrangements of Emergency Generator as per SOLAS?

As per SOLAS chapter II- 1, Regulation 44

Emergency generating sets shall be capable of being readily started in their cold condition at a temperature of 0 degree C. If this is impracticable, or if lower temperatures are likely to be encountered, provision acceptable to the Administration shall be made for the maintenance of heating arrangements, to ensure ready starting of the generating sets.

Each emergency generating set arranged to be automatically started shall be equipped with starting devices approved by the Administration with a stored energy capability of at least three consecutive starts. A second source of energy shall be provided for an additional three starts within 30 min unless manual starting can be demonstrated to be effective.

The emergency generator and its prime mover and any emergency accumulator battery shall be so designed and arranged as to ensure that they will function at full rated power when the ship is upright and when inclined at any angle of list up to 22.5 degree or when inclined up to 10 degree either in the fore or aft direction, or is in any combination of angles within those limits.

Where automatic starting is not required, manual starting is permissible, such as manual cranking, inertia starters, manually charged hydraulic accumulators, or powder charge cartridges, where they can be demonstrated as being effective.


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