What is SOLAS requirement for emergency fire pump on ships?

Requirement for emergency fire pump on board as per SOLAS:
  • Capacity not less than 40 % of total required capacity of the fire pumps but in any case not less than 25 m3 / hr.
  • Capable of delivering 2 jets of water with minimum pressure (at a 3rd hydrant – not a SOLAS requirement) not less than 2.1 bar.
  • Diesel power source of pump started in cold condition of 0° C by hand or by power at least 6 times within a period of 30 minutes and at least twice within 1st 10 minutes.
  • Tank to have sufficient fuel for at least 3 hours and reserve fuel outside main machinery space to allow the pump to run for additional 15 hours.(Total suction head and the net positive suction head of the pump to be such that they will provide for the required capacity and pressure under all conditions of list, trim, roll and pitch likely to be encountered in service)
  • No direct access between engine room and emergency fire pump. If access provided, through and airlock.
  • Isolation valves in tankers to be fitted on the fire main on poop and tank deck at intervals not more than 40 meters to pressure integrity of fire main system.(Diameter of fire main: sufficient for maximum discharge from 2 pumps operating simultaneously except for cargo ships the diameter need be sufficient for a discharge of 140 m3 / hour.