What is SMIDS (Ships movement information & display system)?

Navigating or manoeuvring in strong winds or currents and in confined waters requires great skill and places severe demands on masters and pilots. and that’s why reliable and precise information on ship movement becomes even more important to maximise safety, reduce the risk of structural damage to ship and shore infrastructure and minimise the threat of accidental pollution.

SMIDS detects and displays vessel movement instantly – often before it is visibly apparent – ensuring vessel movement is precisely controlled and corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. It is the perfect solution for large vessels, those where bridge visibility is restricted, lightering, dredging and for ships that frequently manoeuvre without tugs in adverse conditions.

  • It is a new system for measuring ships speed.
  • It has a GEO LOG sensors each on the bow and stern.
  • These sensors receive GPS or GLONASS signals and calculate COG and SOG, in fore, aft & athwartship direction, with greater accuracy than either the standard GPS receiver or the Doppler Log.
  • The data from the SMID can be fed to Radar or ECDIS.
  • The satellite receiver data can be processed individually and displayed for specialized tasks like docking, shuttle operations, coming to sea moorings or stations keeping
  • Accuracy
    • Velocity 0.01 knots
    • Position 16 m and with added differential 0.75 cm.


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