What is Sling and its type ? |

What is Sling and its type ?

  1. Rope sling

Formed by joining ends of 25 mm – 30 mm rope about 12 m long with a short end splice

  • very commonly used
  • used for bags, baled goods, barrels and cases .
  1. Canvas Sling
  • formed by sewing a piece of canvas between the parts of a rope sling
  • cargo spillage retained in canvas
  • used for mainly for bagged cargo stress on bags evenly spread, reducing chance of bags splitting.
  1. Board sling
  • Similar to canvas sling but wood is used instead
  • used for slinging fragile cargo
  1. Chain sling :
  • length of chain with large ring at one end and hook or smaller ring at the other
  • used for lifting heavy logs, bundles of iron & most steelwork
  • ensure no ‘kink’ before lifting cargo
  1. Car sling :
  • Many types : designed for rapid handling of cars & lorries
  • spreaders fitted to prevent bodywork of vehicles from setting in
  • for lorries, buses & big chassis, wire slings attached directly to ends of axles .
  1. Snotter
  • Either rope or wire : with eye at each end
  • wire : 16 – 20 mm dia 4 to 6 m long
  • rope ; 50 – 60 mm dia 4 to 6 m long
  • Used for slinging cases, bales, wet hides and timber
  1. Net sling :
  • Made of either rope or wire
  • wooden board may be used with the net if there’s risk of packages being crushed
  • Used for handling small packages, mails & sometimes frozen meat .
  1. Box sling :
  • Similar to trays- with wooden sides fixed around it
  • used for handling fragile goods eg. explosives
  1. Tray sling
  • May be square, rectangular or round
  • slung by short pieces of rope, called legs attached to the corners
  • used for small cases or drums


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