What is regulations for Accommodation Ladder ?


An accommodation ladder should be designed so that:

  • It rests firmly against the side of the ship where practicable;
  • The angle of slope is no more than 55°. Treads and steps should provide a safe foothold at the angle at which the ladder is used;
  • It is fitted with suitable fencing (preferably rigid handrails) along its entire length, except that fencing at the bottom platform may allow access from the outboard side;
  • At a maximum inclination, the lowest platform of the ladder is no more than 600 mm above the waterline in the lightest seagoing conditions;
  • The bottom platform is horizontal, and any intermediate platforms are self-levelling;
  • It provides direct access between the head of the ladder and the ship’s deck by a platform securely guarded with guardrails and adequate handholds;
  • It can easily be inspected and maintained;
  • It is rigged as close to the working area but clear of any cargo operations as possible.
  • After installation, the winch and ladder should be operationally tested to confirm proper operation and condition of the winch and ladder after the test. This test should include raising and lowering the accommodation ladder at least twice ( Records should be maintained, including any test certificates.
  • When a bulwark ladder is to be used, it must comply with the specifications set out in the Shipbuilding Industry .
  • Ships’ ladders, or be of an equivalent standard. Adequate fittings must be provided to enable the bulwark ladder to be properly and safely secured.


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