What is regulation for Collision bulkhead as per SOLAS ?

As per (SOLAS  Ch II-1, Reg 12.1).

The collision bulkhead must be located not less than 0.05L or 10 metres, whichever is the lesser from the forward perpendicular and not more than 0.08L or 0.05L+3 m, whichever is the greater  The regulations require that the bulkhead is watertight from the bottom of the ship, up to the bulkhead deck.

The collision bulkhead may have steps or recesses, but no doors, manholes, access openings, ventilation ducts or other openings can be fitted in the bulkhead below the bulkhead deck. There is only one exception and that is a single pipeline which is allowed to penetrate the bulkhead for the purpose of filling and emptying the forepeak tank


Collision bulkhead shall be fitted which shall be watertight up to the bulkhead deck.

  • This bulkhead must be located at a distance d from the forward erpendicular so that:

MIN( 0.05L, 10 m) ≤ d ≤ MAX(0.08L, 0.05L+3)

  • Where any part of the ship below the waterline extends forward of the forward perpendicular, e.g., a bulbous bow, the above distanceshall be measured from a point either:
    1. at the mid-length of such extension
    2. at a distance 0.015L forward of the forward perpendicular
    3. at a distance 3 m forward of the forward perpendicular  whichever is less MIN( dFWD, 0.015L, 3 m ).


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