What is Refrigerated Container and its type ?

Refrigerated containers  are of  2 types :       
  • With individual refrigerating plant .
  • With ship’s refrigerating plant .
  • There are 2 types of refrigerated containers.

One type has its own refrigerating plant and pump so that cold air is circulated inside the container. When this type of container is loaded, it is just plugged into the ship’s electrical supply and thereafter it is automatically controls the temperature inside the container.      

The other type of container uses air ducts. Cold air is supplied from a ship’s battery room. Flexible couplings are fitted between ship’s air ducts and the container. In other words, the ship provides the cold air system. This type of container is not popular. Most refrigerated containers have their own refrigeration plant.

Drawbacks :
  • Cargo inside is susceptible to taint and crushing .
  • Cargo shifting in containers –  HAZARD  .
  • Cargo inside is susceptible to damage from sweat and condensation                                                
  • protect in conventional fashion .
  • Water –  A great hazard to containers on deck .          

You may also know general type of container  :

Types of container are as follow :
  1. Open type container.
  2. Thermal container.
  3. Dry bulk container .

Open Top Containers 

  • Soft Top containers
  • Removable roof containers
  • Top Loading containers

Thermal Container

  • Insulated containers
  • Heated Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers


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