What is Permanent Dunnage and Temporary Dunnage ? |

What is Permanent Dunnage and Temporary Dunnage ?

Permanent Dunnage
  • Spar Ceiling or Cargo Batten consists of timber of about 150mm x 50mm fitted over the ship’s side frame or tank top.
  • Purpose to prevent packages of cargo protruding beyond the inner edges of the frames and so becoming damaged by moisture- IMPROVE Ventilation.
  • Tank top ceiling dunnage provide an air space and allow any leakage from cargo above to drain into the bilges.
Temporary Dunnage may be used depending upon the nature of cargo carried :
  • Matting (Bamboo etc)
  • Battens
  • Hardwood, chipboards
  • Air filled Dunnage Bags
  • Boards
  • Bundles of sticks
  • Coir
  • Paper
  • Disposable paper bags with plastic linings
You may also know purpose of dunnage  :
  • To protect cargo from contact with water from the bilges, leakage from other cargo, form ship’s side or from double bottom tank.
  • To protect cargo from moisture or sweat which condenses on the ship’s sides, frames, bulkheads,etc, and run down into the bilges.
  • To protect cargo from contact with condensed moisture, which is collected and retained on side stringers, bulkhead brackets,etc.
  • To provide air courses for the heated moisture laden air travel to travel to the sides and bulkheads along which it ascends towards the uptakes, etc
  • To prevent chafe as well as to chock off and secure cargo by filling in broken stowage,
  • To evenly spread the compression load for deep stowage
  • To provide working levels and protection for the cargo on which labour can operate and serve as a form of separation.
  • Provide access for cooled air round or through the cargo for temperature controlled requirements


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