foul anchor

What is meaning of Foul Anchor ?

An anchor which has become entangled or caught up in something is known as Foul Anchor.

Action in case of anchor fouled by underwater obstruction:      
  • Vessel is moved ahead under engines, veering cables until it grows well astern.
  • When the vessel is brought upto with the cable growing astern, and the cable is taut, then work the engines ahead slowly and see if the cable breaks out slowly.
  • In case it does not break out then steer the vessel slowly in an arc towards the anchor and try to rotate the anchor and break it out by constant movement.
  • If still unsuccessful then try the above procedures using astern movements.
  • If still not successful then rig up an anchor buoy and slip cable for later recovery.
Action in case of anchor fouled with wire cable etc.:
  • Anchor and fouling to be hove well up into the hawse pipe.
  • Use a fibre rope and pass it round the obstruction and heave both ends taut and make fast on the forecastle deck near maximum flare.
  • Walk back anchor clears of obstruction.
  • Heave the anchor into the hawse pipe.
  • The obstruction which is now clear of the anchor can be released by slipping the fibre rope.


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