What is ISM Requirements ? |

What is ISM Requirements ?

The ISM Code is divided into 16 sections

  • It is based on the requirements of ISO 9002.

The Code requires that all companies who manage ships develop, implement, and maintain a Safety Management System.

An introduction to the general purpose of the code and its objectives

The objectives of the ISM Code include :-

  1. safety at sea;
  2. safety of limb;
  3. safety of life; and
  4. safety of property including the marine environment.

Consequently, the safety management objectives of the company should be:-

  1. safe practices in ship operation;
  2. safeguards against all identified risks;
  3. continuous improvement of safety management skills of all personnel in the company.

The Company must put in writing its POLICY on the safety and the protection of the marine environment and make sure that everyone knows about it and follows it.

  • The Company must have sufficient & suitable people (in the office and on vessels) with clearly defined roles & responsibilities (who is responsible for what).


  • The Master is responsible to make the System work onboard. He must assist his crew in implementing the system and give them instructions where necessary.
  • The Master is the boss on the ship. Being the man on the spot, he can use his discretion to override the office on such matters relating to “SAFETY” and “POLLUTION PREVENTION
  • He should issue orders in a clear and simple manner.
  • The Master should also ensure that specified requirements are observed.
  • The Master should also review the SMS periodically and report its deficiencies, if any, to the office.

The Company must employ the “right” people onboard and in the office and make sure that all of them :

  1. Know what their duties are
  2. Receive instructions on how to carry out their duties.
  3. Get trained when and if necessary


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