What is initial verification of certificate as per ISM?

Initial verification

  • The Company should apply for ISM Code certification to the Administration.
  • An assessment of the shore side management system undertaken by the Administration would necessitate assessment of the offices where such management is carried out and possibly of other locations, depending on the Company’s organization and the functions of the various locations.
  • On satisfactory completion of the assessment of the shore side safety management system, arrangements/planning may commence for the assessment of the Company’s ships.
  • On satisfactory completion of the assessment, a Document of Compliance will be issued to the Company, copies of which should be forwarded to each shore side premises and each ship in the Company’s fleet. As each ship is assessed and issued with a Safety Management Certificate, a copy of it should also be forwarded to the Company’s head office.
  • In cases where certificates are issued by a recognized organization, copies of all certificates should also be sent to the Administration.
  • The safety management audit for the Company and for a ship will involve the same basic steps. The purpose is to verify that a Company or a ship complies with the requirements of the ISM Code.


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