What is Hot Work ?

Hot work is defined as cutting and welding operations for construction/demolition activities that involve the use of portable gas or arc welding equipment, or involve soldering, grinding, or any other similar activities producing a spark, flame, or heat. 

In other words we can explain:

Work involving flames, incendive sparks or temperatures likely to be sufficiently high to cause ignition of flammable gas. The term includes any work involving the use of welding, burning or soldering equipment, blowtorches, some power driven tools, portable electrical equipment which is not intrinsically safe or contained in an explosion proof housing, and equipment with internal combustion engines.

Hot work is potentially dangerous for the following reasons.

  1. It provides a source of ignition that could ignite a vapor release from another location.
  2. The person doing the hot work may cut through the wrong line or burn a hole in the wrong piece of equipment. This could lead to the release of hazardous chemicals, or cause a fire or explosion.
  3. The person doing the work could be burned by the equipment that they are using.
  4. In confined spaces, the hot work itself can create a harmful atmosphere, leading to the possibility of a worker being overcome by fumes.