What is ETB or Emergency Towing Booklet ?

 The Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB) should be ship specific and be presented in a clear, concise and ready-to-use format (booklet, plan, poster, etc.)Ship-specific data should include but not be limited to:

  • Ship’s name;  
  • Call sign;
  • IMO number;
  • Anchor details (shackle, connection details, weight, type, etc.);
  • Cable and chain details (lengths, connection details, proof load, etc.);
  • Height of mooring deck(s) above base;
  • Draft range; and
  • Displacement range.

A minimum of three copies should be kept on board and located in: 

  • The bridge;
  • A forecastle space; and
  • The ship’s office or cargo control room.
  • Calculation of safe working load (SWL) for mooring equipment  (e.g. bollards, fairleads, chocks).
  • Overview of all onboard equipment intended for towing operations.
  • Description of towing patterns for various scenarios in easy-to-use format.
  • Ship specific emergency towing procedures

The ETB should also include comprehensive diagrams and sketches of the following:

  • Assembly and rigging diagrams
  • Towing equipment and strong point locations
  • Equipment and strong point capacities and safe working loads
  • Master will have a guidance with respect to Towing Operations and safety precautions
  • Procedures as per vessel specific arrangements
  • Detailed instructions for every step of operation and responsible personnel
  • Easy and effective reporting and communication procedure
  • Already inspected by most MoU’s PSC Officers and inspector surveyors.
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