What is difference between Adopted and Non Adopted scheme ?

Difference  between Adopted and Non-Adopted Schemes are as follow :

Adopted Schemes are intended for use by all vessels, by day and by night, in all weathers, in ice free waters or under light ice conditions where no extraordinary manoeuvres or assistance by ice breakers are required. All routeing systems, adopted by the IMO in accordance with Rule 10 of International regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (1972), applies to all vessels in or near an area of TSS adopted by the IMO and does not relieve any vessel of her obligation under any other rule.

Non-Adopted Schemes are established by the national government or the local authorities and are not adopted by the IMO; but may be submitted to the IMO for approval. The authorities lay down regulations governing its use. Such regulations may not only modify Rule 10 but also other steering and sailing rules.


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