What are content of IMSBC code or International maritime solid bulk cargoes code?

Table of Contents

Section 1   General provisions

Section 2   General loading, carriage and unloading precautions

Section 3   Safety of personnel and ship

Section 4   Assessment of acceptability of consignments for safe shipment

Section 5   Trimming procedures

Section 6   Methods of determining the angle of repose

Section 7   Cargoes that may liquefy

Section 8  Test procedures for cargoes that may liquefy

Section 9   Materials possessing chemical hazards

Section 10  Carriage of solid wastes in bulk

Section 11   Security provisions

Section 12   Stowage factor conversion tables

Section 13   References to related information and recommendations

Appendix 1   Individual schedules of solid bulk cargoes

Appendix 2   Laboratory test procedures, associated apparatus and standards

Appendix 3   Properties of solid bulk cargoes

Appendix 4   Index

Note :-

The primary   aim  of the  International   Maritime   Solid  Bulk  Cargoes  Code  (IMSBC Code), which   replaces  the Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code),  is to facilitate  the safe stowage  and shipment  of solid bulk  cargoes  by providing   information   on the dangers associated  with  the shipment  of certain  types  of solid bulk  cargoes  and  instructions   on the procedures  to be adopted  when  the  shipment  of solid  bulk  cargoes  is contemplated.

The IMSBC  Code,  adopted  on  4  December   2008  by  resolution   MSC.268 (85l,   entered  into force on 1 January 2011, from which  date it was made mandatory  under the provisions  of the SOLAS Convention.  The Code  was  amended   by  resolution   MSC.318 (89),   incorporating   amendment 01-11, which   entered into  force  on  1 January  2013.  The  Code  was  further   amended   by resolution   MSC.354(92),   incorporating amendment   02-l3,  which  may be applied  from  1 January 2014 on a voluntary   basis, anticipating   its envisaged official  entry  into force  on 1 January 2015,

IMSBC Code is supplemented by  the Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading  of Bulk Carriers (BLU  Code including  BLU  Manual) & recommendation on  the safe use of pesticides  in ships applicable   to the fumigation   of cargo  holds.  It also includes  a directory of  contact   names and  addresses of offices  of  designated  national  competent   authorities   responsible  for the safe carriage of grain and solid bulk  cargoes.  IMSBC Code and supplement   is commended   to Administrations, ship owners,   shippers  and  masters  and  all  others  concerned   with  the  standards  to  be  applied   in the  safe stowage and shipment  of solid  bulk  cargoes, excluding  grain.


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