What is Bunker Safety checklist as per ISGOTT ? |

What is Bunker Safety checklist as per ISGOTT ?

The Bunkering safety Check-list contains the following sections:

  1. Bunkers to be transferred : A joint agreement on the quantity and grades of Bunkers to be transferred , together with agreed transfer rates and maximum line back pressures.
  2. Bunker tanks to be loaded : An identification of the tanks to be loaded with the aim of ensuring that there is sufficient space to safely accommodate the bunkers to be transferred. Space is provided to record each tank’s maximum filling capacity and the available volume.
  3. Checks by barge Prior to Berthing : This section provides the checks to be carried out before the barge goes alongside the ship.
  4. Checks Prior to Transfer : This section provides the checks to be jointly undertaken before transfer activities commence.

Where an item is agreed not to be applicable to the ship, to the barge or to the operation envisaged , a note to that effect should be entered in the ‘Remarks’ column.

The presence of the letters ‘A’ or ‘R’ in the code column indicates the following :

A    ( ‘Agreement ‘). This indicates an agreement or procedure that should be identified in the  Check-List or communicated in some other mutually acceptable form.

R    (‘Re-check’). This indicates items to be re-checked at appropriate intervals , as agreed between both parties and stated in the declaration.

The joint declaration should not be signed until all parties have checked and accepted their assigned responsibilities and accountabilities.

       Port      _______                                                Date _________

       Ship      _______                                                Barge _________

      Master   _________                                           Master _________

Bunkers to be transferred




Tonnes Volume at

Loading Temp

Loading Temperature Maximum Transfer Rate Maximum Line Pressure
Fuel Oil


Gas Oil/Diesel


Lub. Oil in Bulk


Bunker tanks to be loaded









Volume of

Tank @

____ %


Vol. of Oil in Tank before Loading


Available Volume


Volume to be



Total Volumes








Checks by Barge Prior to berthing

Bunkering Ship Barge Code Remarks
1. The barge has obtained the necessary permissions to go alongside receiving ship.
2. The fenders have been checked , are in good order and there is no possibility of metal to metal contact.     R
3. Adequate electrical insulating means are in place in the barge-to-ship connection.
4. All bunker hoses are in good condition and are appropriate for the service intended.

Checks prior to Transfer



Ship Barge Code Remarks
5. The barge is securely moored.     R
6. There is a safe means of access between the ship and barge.     R
7. Effective communications have been established between responsible officers. A     R (VHF/UHF Ch ……)

Primary system:


Back up system:


Emergency Stop Signal:


8. There is an effective watch on board the barge and on the ship receiving bunkers.
9. Fire hoses and fire fighting equipment on board the barge and ship are ready for immediate use.
10. All scuppers are effectively plugged. Temporarily removed scupper plugs will be monitored at all times. Drip trays are in position on decks around connections and bunker  tank vents.     R
11. Initial line up has been checked and unused bunker connections are blanked and fully bolted.
12. The transfer hose is properly rigged and fully bolted and secured to manifold on ship and barge.
13. Overboard valves connected to the cargo system , engine room bilges and bunker lines are closed and sealed.
14. All cargo and bunker tank hatch lids  are closed.
15. Bunker tank contents will be monitored at regular intervals. A     R at intervals not exceeding……..minutes
16. There is a supply of oil spill clean-up material readily available for immediate use.
17. The main radio transmitter aerials are earthed and Radars are switched off.
18. Fixed VHF / UHF transceivers and AIS equipment are on the correct mode or switched off.
19. Smoking rooms have been identified and smoking restrictions are being observed. A      R Nominated Smoking Rooms

Tanker :

Barge   :

20. Naked light regulations are being observed.      R
21. All external doors and ports in the accommodation are closed.      R
22. Material safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the bunker transfer have been exchanged where requested.      R
23. The hazards associated with toxic substances in the bunkers being handled have been identified and understood.      R H2S Content …………..

Benzene Content ……….


We have checked , where appropriate jointly, the items of the Check-List in accordance with the instructions and have satisfied ourselves that the entries we have made are correct to the best of our knowledge.

We have also made arrangements to carry out repetitive checks as necessary and agreed that those items coded “R” in the Check-List should be re-checked at intervals not exceeding ________ hours.(which to be recorded in the table below)

If , to our knowledge , the status of any item changes , we will immediately inform the other party.

                    For Ship                                For Barge

Name ___________________________


Rank ____________________________


Signature _________________________


Date _____________________________


Time _____________________________



Name ___________________________


Rank ____________________________


Signature _________________________


Date _____________________________


Time _____________________________


Record of repetitive checks:

Date :


Time :


Initials for Ship :


Initials for Barge :



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