What is Bow Loading System on tankers ? |

What is Bow Loading System on tankers ?

Bow Loading System (BLS)

  • Used in shuttle-tankers to receive the crude oil from cargo terminals, from cargo buoys and from FPSO’s and FSU’s.
  • The shape of the bow of these ships must be adapted to the installation of these systems.

BLS design requirements

The BLS system should be designed for remote control/monitoring from the bridge, and operation of the following equipment:

  1. Traction winch
  2. Chain stopper
  3. Coupler valve
  4. Inboard valve
  5. Inboard by-pass valve NB/CC
  6. Hydraulic pump station

Connection/disconnection of the loading hose should be done locally from a control console on the forecastle deck, included operation of the following equipment:

  1. Bow door
  2. Loading manifold
  3. Hose handling winch
  4. Forward/aft movement of the chain stopper, or adjustable roller fairlead

The following equipment should be locally operated from the bow area:

  1. Rope pulling unit/stowing arrangement
  2. Service crane

In the centre area of the BLS manifold room, detectors should be installed underneath the forecastle platform deck.

The following fixed detection sensors should as a minimum be installed and connected to the vessels fire and gas detection systems, giving alarms on the bridge when activated:

  • 2 smoke detectors (for enclosed manifold rooms)
  • 2 flame detectors
  • 2 gas detectors
  • Rotating yellow light(s) when having a fire or gas alarm.


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