What is a Mate’s Receipt ? |

What is a Mate’s Receipt ?

A Mate’s receipt (MR) is a receipt issued and signed by the chief mate of the ship for goods received on board. MR is nowadays replaced by a modern document called the Standard Shipping Note (SSN), but can still be seen in conventional trade like general cargo, dry bulk or tanker.

The information in both the MR should be identical to that of the B/L. the MR should be completed from the ship’s tally and show the actual quantity and condition of the cargo as received. When the condition of cargo justifies it, the M/R should be remarked as ‘torn bags’, ‘stained bales’ or ‘rust drums’ etc.

Should there be a difference in the tally of the ship and the shipper, MR should reflect the smaller of the two figures with the remark that “X more bales in dispute, if onboard to be delivered”, X being the difference in the tally figures.

MR is normally on a shipowner’s format and made in triplicate.

The original is given to the shipper, the 2nd given to the agent and the 3rd left in the book of MR to be referred toat the time of issuance of the B/L.

M/R is not a document of title.


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