What are types of Container in detail ? |

What are types of Container in detail ?

Types of container are as follow :
  1. Open type container.
  2. Thermal container.
  3. Dry bulk container .


Open Top Containers      

  • Soft Top containers
  • Removable roof containers
  • Top Loading containers

container 1

FIG :Open type container

Constructed with doors at one end and top completely open.      

  • Interior protected from weather by solid removable hard top or a canvas cover.
  • Large or awkward items to be packed via the door .
  • Over height cargo and heavy cargoes that requires to be handled by crane to be packed via the top

Thermal Container

  • Insulated containers
  • Heated Containers
  • Refrigerated Containers

container 2

FIG : Thermal  container

  • Walls, floor, roof and doors insulated to reduce temperature movement between inside and outside of containers.
  • Some have mechanical refrigerating eqpt and/or heating eqpt built into one end or the sides of the container.
  • Some rely for refrigeration on clip-on units attached to the front of the container, or central refrigeration system at terminal or ship.

Suitable cargoes includes perishables and any cargo that will suffer from variations in temperature.

Dry Bulk Container

  • Bulker
  • Bulk Freight Containers

container 3

FIG : Dry bulk container

  • May have arrangements for either gravity or pressure discharge
  • Frame constructed as several hoppers within an ISO framework
  • Some of tank type.
  • Some may have full size doors at one end and a smaller discharge hatch at the other.
  • Filling hatches (2 or 3) are set in the roof.
  • Some have provision for aeration or vibration to assist discharge
  • Suitable cargo includes free flowing solid cargoes (eg granules, powders, grains)