What are the Requirements of Muster list as per SOLAS?

According to SOLAS Chapter III, Reg. 8 and 37
  • The regulation applies to all ships.
  • Clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency shall be provided for every person on board in the language or languages required by the ship’s flag State and in the English language.
  • Muster lists and emergency instructions shall be exhibited in conspicuous places throughout the ship including the navigation bridge, engine-room and crew accommodation spaces.
  • The muster list shall specify details of the general emergency alarm and public address system and action to be taken by crew and passengers when this alarm is sounded. The muster list shall also specify how the order to abandon ship will be given.
  • The muster list shall specify which officers are assigned to ensure that life-saving and fire appliances are maintained in good condition and are ready for immediate use.
  • The muster list shall specify substitutes for key persons who may become disabled
  • The muster list shall be prepared before the ship proceeds to sea.
  • The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew including:
    1. closing of the watertight doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, side scuttles, skylights, portholes and other similar openings in the ship;
    2. equipping of the survival craft and other life-saving appliances;
    3. preparation and launching of survival craft;
    4. general preparations of other life-saving appliances;
    5. muster of passengers;
    6. use of communication equipment;
    7. manning of fire parties assigned to deal with fires; and
    8. special duties assigned in respect to the use of fire-fighting equipment and installations.
  • Illustrations and instructions in appropriate languages shall be posted in cabins and be conspicuously displayed at muster stations and other spaces to inform crew of:
    1. their muster station;
    2. the essential actions they must take in an emergency; and
    3. the method of donning lifejackets.


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