What are the covers provided by the P and I club?

Following are the typical covers provided by a P and I club:

  • Personal injury claims covering third party liabilities covering death or injury to crew, passenger and stevedores etc.;
  • Crew claims covering repatriation;
  • Collision liabilities e.g. ¼ th collision, excess collision, carriage of cargo after collision, risks excluded under  ¾ th collision liability clause;
  • Fixed and floating objects claims;
  • Cargo claims;
  • Environmental pollution claims;
  • Miscellaneous claims e.g. wreck removal, custom fines etc.;
  • Freight, demurrage and defence for disputes under charter parties. Claims other than above can also be considered under the so-called ‘Omnibus Rule‘, in which the club committee has the discretion to consider deserving claims from any members at any time.


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