What are the contents of the Load line Convention ? |

What are the contents of the Load line Convention ?

There are 3 Annexes in LL Convention 1966

Annex I- divided into 4 parts

  • Chapter I-General.
  • Chapter II- conditions of assignment of freeboard.
  • Chapter III-Freeboards.
  • Chapter IV-Special requirements for assigned timber freeboards.

Annex II- Covers zones, areas and seasonal periods

Annex III- Contains certificates, including sample of a Load Line Certificate for Administration to follow.

You may also know –

  • These marks are used in conjunction with the loadline chart, which clearly shows the designated areas and the dates which apply to these zones.
  • A vessel loading in a summer zone for a port in another zone with a higher freeboard requirement may, for instance, load to the summer mark, provided that she has lightened enough due to fuel and water consumption by the time that zone is reached that she is in compliance.
  • All vessels must, in addition to having the loadline permanently marked on both sides of the hull, carry a loadline certificate, issued by a classification society, this certificate stipulates the distances and drafts required for that particular vessel.


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