What are setting on ECDIS ? |

What are setting on ECDIS ?

There are following  safety settings: –

  • Safety Contour Setting
  • Shallow contour settings
  • Deep contour setting
  • Safety Depth setting

Safety Contour Setting –

Safety contour is the contour line above which we can navigate without any water depth concern. It includes the Vessel’s static

Draught + UKC + Squat.

Safety contour may be set equal to but not lower than the safety depth setting. The area beyond safety contour is termed as NO GO.

Shallow contour setting –

Shallow contour value need to be used to tell ECDIS what is the value of shallow waters for our draft. This is the value of depth below which it is definite for the vessel to get aground.

The shallow contour value need to be equal to or more than the draft of the vessel.

Let us say the vessel’s draft is 9 meters and we enter the shallow contour value of 9 meter. The ECDIS will display 10-meter contour line as the shallow contour. If 10-meter contour is not available, it will take next contour as the shallow contour for the vessel.


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