What are responsibility of second officer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ?

Safety Management Responsibilities of Second Officer

Reports to:The Master for all Navigational Watchkeeping duties.
Chief Officer for all Deck Watchkeeping and Maintenance work.
Supervises:Junior operation level and support level functions
Responsibilities:The 2nd Officer is an executive officer designated as the “Navigating Officer” and belongs to operational level of the vessel.

The safety management responsibilities of Second Officer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the procedures of safety management system and comply with same.
  • Prepare a passage plan for the intended voyage under the directions of Master
  • All navigational equipment on the vessel to be kept in good order and regularly serviced and maintained. Indenting and safe keeping of required spares for the navigational equipment on board.
  • All navigational charts and hydrographic publications for the intended voyage to be fully corrected up to date from the current Notices to Mariners, navigational warnings and other sources.
  • A noon position to be fixed on the chart daily at sea and a Noon chit to be submitted to the Master.
  • An abstract of navigational logs to be maintained preparing reports and returns as per company’s procedure.
  • To keep a navigational watch at sea and at anchor
  • Keep a cargo watch in port as per directions of the Chief Officer and applicable rules and regulations.
  • Assist Chief Officer in preparing vessel for classification and statutory surveys and ship’s operational routine duties and day to day work.
  • To act as a Medical Officer (in ships without doctors) and treat the ship’s crew under the directions of the Master, and upkeep of Medical Locker.
  • To act as a Mail Officer on passenger ships and supervise the loading and discharging of mail.
  • Compliance with applicable port, terminal and dock safety regulations.
  • Assistant to spill co-ordinator (Chief Officer) on the scene as per SOPEP.
  • Compliance with the Company’s documented safety and security procedures.
  • Carry out emergency duties as per emergency response procedures and as directed by command and control.
  • Incharge of a life-boat during rescue operations and while abandoning ship.
  • To comply with applicable rules of STCW Convention.
  • To prepare handing over notes along with report while signing off the vessel.
  • To acquaint himself and prepare for the rank above.

Has the authority to identify and report non-conformities and near misses/hazardous occurrences and as per procedures defined within this Safety Management System.


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