What are responsibility of chief officer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ? |

What are responsibility of chief officer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ?

Safety Management Responsibilities of Chief Officer

Member of the safety management team, member of Safety, Health and Environmental Committee and belongs to management level.
Reports to : Master
Supervises : Operation level Officers, junior operation level personnel and support level ratings connected to the deck department or deck operations.
Responsibilities : The Chief Officer is the principal executive officer in-charge of the deck department and is the designated officer in charge in the absence of the Master.

The safety management responsibilities of Chief Officer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the procedures of safety management system and comply with same.
  • Administration, supervision and delegation of duties to the operation level officers and support level ratings connected to the deck department.
  • Maintenance and supervision of safe working practices during deck operations.
  • Understanding of the Safety, Occupational Health & Environment Protection Policy of the Company and enforcement of same on board the vessel.
  • Indenting and safe keeping of all deck stores, equipment and spares.
  • Monitor the requirement of fresh water for the vessel.
  • Testing and thorough examination of cargo gear and deck lifting appliances.
  • Preparing of work specifications for repairs and dry docking and supervision of repairs.
  • Preparation of holds/cargo tanks for loading cargo.
  • Prepare cargo loading and unloading plan.
  • Ensure safe ballasting/de ballasting operations
  • Maintenance of all LSA and FFA.
  • Maintenance of hull and deck equipments.
  • Prepare vessel for classification and statutory surveys.
  • Watch keeping duties at sea and at anchor. In-charge of cargo operations in port.
  • Maintenance of hygiene, housekeeping and sanitation on board the vessel.
  • Calculation and monitoring of stability, stress and trim of vessel during loading, de ballasting operation and on voyage.
  • Ensure testing of controls for navigation and communication means before departure port.
  • Ensure compliance of arrival and departure checks for cargo handling/equipments and other machineries as per the recommended procedures of the SMS.
  • Safe stowage and Loading of cargo, safety and security of cargo on board.
  • Sounding of all holds, bilges and tanks every morning and evening.
  • Acting as Spill Coordinator under SOPEP, upkeep and maintenance of SOPEP equipment.
  • Plan and prepare all cargo holds, deck cranes, hatch covers, pipe lines, valves and other cargo equipment for safe cargo operations.
  • Complying with Master’s Standing and Night Orders.
  • Compliance with applicable port, terminal and dock safety regulations.
  • Compliance with the company’s documented safety and security procedures.
  • Carry out emergency duties as per emergency response procedures.
  • Carrying out the task of a Safety Officer for the Deck and Saloon Department.
  • Preparing reports and returns as per Company’s procedure and maintenance of records.
  • Appraisal of deck Officers and crew members.
  • To comply with applicable rules of STCW Convention.
  • To prepare handing over notes along with handing over report while signing off the vessel.
  • Carry out risk assessment in compliance with SMS.
  • To acquaint himself and prepare for the rank above.

Has the authority to identify and report non-conformities and near misses/hazardous occurrences and as per procedures defined within this Safety Management System.



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